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SVG File Template, Baby Girl TF0107

SVG File Template, Baby Girl TF0107

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For use with the CRICUT cutting machines or Sizzix Eclips. Copyright Policy Unauthorized copying, modification, distribution, OF copyrighted work is an infringement of the copyright holder's rights . You may sell your made card's from any of my template's.But the Template remain's my Copyright and is not for resale or passing to other's electronically. Thank you for respecting my wishes

 All templates are sent via email manually.. And please remember there maybe a time difference between us

1. You are NOT buying/purchasing  ownership of the original Designs/Files, You are buying  the right to use my/the Designs/Files under specific circumstances. The copyright continues to be owned by Tina Fitch
I am granting you the  use of my designs for personal use only.

2. The license is not transferrable. YOU MAY NOT   redistribute or share the Designs/files with anyone through file sharing or groups or friends that may  deprive the original owner of the designs/files of their rightful profit.

3.You may however sell your made/created cards/pages made from my designs.

4. You may NOT sell the original Designs/Files, Or any elements of my Designs/Files

5. You may NOT distribute my Designs/Files to anyone

6. You may NOT use any parts of my Designs/Files to remake other designs/files and claim as your own work.

7. You may NOT resave in other file formats without my PERMISSION!

 8 Thank you for choosing my designs for your cutting machine, And Thank you for abiding by my terms of use, Any breaches of copyright will be pursued through a Court of Law.  NO EXCEPTIONS !